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April 13,2022 8:30 am

Building Resilience by strengthening the community through inclusive disaster risk management Phase 3

Muslim Aid Pakistan on a wide variety Of areas under its initiative to vulnerable communities and improve their living standards. For many years, Muslim aid has extended relentless support in service of marginalized populations across Pakistan. One of the key objectives for this thematic area is to address nutritional needs and ensure access to a well-nourished diet. Particularty during months like Ramadan. when vulnerable families have to endure additional hardships. Additionally, Muslim Aid facilitates the purchase Of materials, and machinery for business development through loans.

MAP’s initiatives such as providing Qarde Hassana (interest-free loans) to vulnerable individuals, which helps preserve their financial power and enables them to meet their food and Other basic requirements, have made a remarkable difference in their lives. Another important aspect of Muslim Acts livelihood interventions is the provision of livestock to vulnerable families. This not only contributes to their income generation but also enhances their food security. The organization also works towards making communities food by implementing sustainable agricultural practices and supporting initiatives like kitchen gardening training.

Overall. Muslim Aids objectives within the livelihood then’latic area revolve around promoting sustainable livelihoods, enhancing nutrition, and providing support in critical areas such as income generation. and wash services. Through these interventions. Muslim Aid aims to empower vulnerable communities and improve their overall quality Of life

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Flood Recovery Sindh

Rehabilitate damaged infrastructure and provide short-term livelihood opportunities in selected areas of Sindh province affected by the 2022 floods.

Chitral Project

Climate change is a global phenomenon and the action to it needs to be treated as such. Recent glacial flooding in the Chitral district of Pakistan has caused widespread damage and displacement.